Thursday, April 19, 2012


So there are some things I am going to miss like crazy at Utah State. Like just last night, we ran a 5k at midnight, in the underwear that they passed out, and glow sticks. 

Haha how many schools do you know that would do this??
I must say it was pretty entertaining. I'm sure cars driving by got some good laughs in. Although, i'm sure the residents of Logan are pretty used to all of the crazy stuff we Utah State kids do ;)
All of us cute kids about to run ;)
We were a little hyper before it started, and also we were trying to keep ourselves warm ;)


So, even though it was never really on my bucket list (Although if I had been cleaver enough to think it up, it would have been) I can officially say that I ran a 5k at midnight, in underwear. Hahaha we had so much fun doing this. WE LOVE A WEEK AT UTAH STATE!!!! :)

Until the next crazy fun adventure that we do... :)

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